Arkansas Emergency
Management Association

Partnering in all hazard preparedness,
for all of Arkansas
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Innovation, Coordination, and Service Trust in
and respect for others Adherence to public laws
and standards Individual and team
professionalism Commitment and Dedication
Plannig for the 2019
Arkansas Emergency Management
Conference has begun.
Updates to follow.
The Arkansas Emergency Management
Association promotes the efforts of
Arkansas communities to plan for
natural and man-made disasters and
emergencies through improved
preparedness, mitigation, response,
and recovery capabilities.

AEMA is the professional association
for Arkansasí Emergency Management

AEMA is a network for training,
education, and preparedness
information and professional

It is a forum for sharing knowledge,
ideas, processes, lessons learned, and
building partnerships.
Establish and maintain professional
standards for managing and preparing for
disasters and emergencies at local level.

Influence and guide public policy and
legislation affecting the emergency
response community.

Provide advanced training and educational
opportunities for all citizens to enhance
emergency preparedness in the public and
private sectors.

Promote emergency management
principles throughout the State.

Be the voice of the local emergency
management coordinators at the state and
national levels.

Increase public awareness on issues
concerning preparedness, response,
mitigation, and recovery.